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Restaurant Reviews: Artesano at Alvear Art Hotel @ Buenos Aires Food Week

Artesano is a sophisticated cocktail bar inside Alvear Art Hotel. Located in Retiro, right next to Plaza San Martin. Retiro is home for the central train and bus stations. Presidential palace Casa Rosada and historical port, Puerto Madero are just a… Continue Reading →

Things to do in Buenos Aires: 24th September – 1st October, 2016

Finally!!! Spring is here and Buenos Aires has lots of options to have fun!! Have a look at the different activities that the city has to offer with our Things to do in Buenos Aires post. If enjoying a unique… Continue Reading →

BA Food Week- Restaurant Review – Sexto

BA Food Week is coming to an end and we are FULL!! Excellent food at great prices. We can’t wait until next year! This week I went for a quick lunch, seeing one of my final opportunities to gorge before… Continue Reading →

Restaurant Reviews: El Burladero: A (Really Good) Taste of Spain

Four summers removed from studying abroad in Spain, I decided to visit El Burladero during BA Food Week to see their take on Spanish cuisine. To say the least, I was not disappointed. The first thing that catches your eye… Continue Reading →

Restaurant Reviews: Social Paraíso @ Buenos Aires Food Week

Hello my food and wine supporters! If you have been following the blog of the most interesting Argentina Wine Tasting, you probably know that we are in the middle of the Buenos Aires Food Week. Taking advantage of the situation,… Continue Reading →

Weekly Wine News: 19-23rd September

Hello friends, and welcome back to Weekly Wine News at Anuva! This week we’re highlighting a new wine-themed soccer cleat, a recently discovered enzyme that gives wine it’s “old-smell”, and an Argentine winery in Napa Valley. Read on! Dig In… Continue Reading →

The Evolution of Food in Buenos Aires

Delicious, rich, abundant….Three words that define the traditional Buenos Aires food. A whole city full of Parrillas (Steakhouses), Pizzerias, Pasta Restaurants, Bodegones (Regional Comfort food), but thanks to the versatility of the Porteños palate in the last 20 years and… Continue Reading →

Puertas Cerradas/ Closed-door Restaurants – All you need to know!

Puertas cerradas or ‘closed door’ restaurants are hidden away eateries that chefs, aspiring chefs or even foodie-entrepreneurs start up in their homes. So, dinner at stranger’s house? Sitting around a table with 6, 7 or maybe even 10 strangers. For… Continue Reading →

Things to do in Buenos Aires: 17th – 24th September

Hola amigos!!! Spring is almost here and Buenos Aires will blossom to bring you lots of interesting activities to have the best fun out there. Always take in account that the Best Argentina Wine Tastings are waiting for you in… Continue Reading →

Le Savoir Opening Eyes (and Stomachs) to Immersive Dining Experiences in Buenos Aires

The non-descript concrete staircase leads to an underworld of the bizarre and the wonderful. Curious characters dressed in what can only describe as contemporary straight jackets (sans constraints), weave in an out of their bemused patrons. Someone is stroking your… Continue Reading →

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